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Hickory Smoked Beef Ribs

This weekend’s smoking project – beef ribs.

What says post turkey day transition better than ribs. That’s what was up on this patron’s pit, slowly smoked over a charcoal/hickory fire for 5 hours, the latter two hours swaddled in foil. Before the cook, the membrane was of course removed, and the rack dusted liberally in Cajun Injector Hickory Grill seasoning. Brushed the newly fallen snow off the smoker, and plunked the rack on, dialing the temperature in to around 225 degrees. And in the true BBQ form, let it be.

A couple hours later, the ribs were foiled as mentioned, but included in the foil, enough brown sugar to cover the top of the ribs, a few pats of butter, and a splash of apple juice for good measure, wrapped foil tight, and put back on the smoker for two more hours. Then the foil was removed and the ribs returned yet again to the smoker rack for another hour, to firm them up a little, and to apply the home made Kansas City sauce. Man!

The end result, about 5 hours later, was a tender, succulent, perfectly smoked beef rib.

No left overs occurred during this smoke.

The best ring you can give a man, is a smoke ring

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