Two Men, Two Pits and a Blog

Weather Rants and Rib Racks

When grilling, smoking or just simply enjoying a fire in the outdoors, one must consider the weather forecast for the day. You see, the forecast could either make or break ones ardent soul when staring out the window at their pit. We patrons stand against the persuading weather changes. We fight the foul beatings that Mother Nature swings at us. If the wind can’t push us over and our grills stand mighty on our patios, we stand strong and hungry as well.

This day at the pit was nothing like I described though. It was actually a calm 65 degree day. The barometer encouraged an afternoon by the pits. That’s right I said pits. Two to be exact! I just couldn’t resist waking up that morning and feeling the warm breeze. I sat through church thinking of that thawed pork rib rack sitting in my refrigerator. I knew the afternoon was going to consist of a smoke.

I prepare the meat with a baste of Apple Cider Vinegar. Generously applied the Cabelas Mountain Man Bourbon Rub and set the ribs on the smoker. About an hour into the process I basted it with my homemade Chocolate BBQ sauce. I repeated this step about every 45 min. This creates a nice dance between the spicy heat from the rub and the sweetness of the sauce. The recipe for the sauce is to come later. I did wrap the ribs in foil after 2 hours. I needed to speed the process up, which does go against all rules of why we smoke meats. But I had two hungry women in the house. I couldn’t mess around with that!

During my smoke I had a visit from my fellow Patron. He joined me at my other pit. We warmed our bellies near the fire as the sun went down. It was a beautiful evening.

Even more beautiful with you can finish it off with Apple/Cherry wood smoked ribs loaded with flavor.


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