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Meat Poetry: A Case for Charcoal

“There is a simple pleasure in charcoal, not soon lost after the cook is done. You go to put on your grilling jacket the next day, and it smells like a hundred and one campfires, reminding you of the good life. Lighting charcoal also takes time, and in this day of the drive through mentality, that is an oddity indeed. But one worth doing. For the smoke that rises gently from your stack is at once poetic, and a small victory in an otherwise busy life. When smoke rises from your charcoal grill, it is a signal to yourself and those around you, that for a while at least, you’re in no hurry. That you are taking something you love, grilling, and not betraying the moment for the tragedy of haste. That the world can spin without you now, for there is meat to be cooked, and joy to be had, patron to those who choose the scenic path, and the smoke which rises there. Amen.”


3 responses

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  2. SmokieButGoodie

    I have to say ever since my recent “conversion” from being a gassy Weber guy to a charcoal kettle Weber convert (it’s all your fault, by the way!), all darn week long I’m counting down the time until my next lazy Sunday afternoon grilling session! And lately I’m sneaking in Saturdays and sometimes Friday nights too, all in a row!

    So I guess I’m hooked now… hook, line and sinker. All week long, whenever my mind wanders from whatever I’m supposed to be doing, I’ll start debating in my mind what to grill next, and prepare a list of requisite ingredients needing to be procured after work on Fridays (oh I need to stop here to pick up this, and then I need to stop there to pick up some of that…you know how it goes…). Oh boy I think I’m in deep! And I’m lovin’ it.

    A funny by-product to all this grilling, is it’s making me all fired up about cooking even in the kitchen (non-grilled cuisine…yes…such type of sustenance does exist!). So now we stopped eating out! Our dog is very happy for the extra companionship, my Wife is pleased with my added culinary contributions, our health is benefiting, and so is my wallet!

    This reminds me of your post about powering through the urge to enjoy the couch, and just get out and grill some chicken, even when you don’t feel like it.

    So, thank you for the inspiration. Your posts have inspired and totally enhanced my experience in discovering the joy of charcoal grilling at home. And, it sparked my fascination with your art form of playing with words, intertwined with your love of BBQ.

    But to be honest, you did cause me one major problem…I’m suffering from deep pangs of guilt! You see, my trusty gassy Weber is feeling quite lonely and betrayed after so many years of loyal and reliable service to me. And I dare say it’s even sulking over there in the corner to which it has been relegated! Oh the humanity!

    July 9, 2016 at 1:15 am

    • Wow! You have enjoyed quite the transformation, sounds like. I do rather enjoy your comments, but then you knew that. Indeed, once the charcoal bug has bitten, it can be very difficult to persuade. And it festers in proportion to the weather. Sometimes it even flares up in inclement weather, tho I don’t know if such a thing exists in California. But yes, the kettle grill life is a good life. And its exciting to see you get excited for it, and forge your on memories, pit side.

      Maybe you can find use for your old gas grill. Gotta be good for something. As it stands, I guess it is a monument to your old gassy life, misguided as it was. No, sometimes I give the gassy folk grief, but at the end of the day, at least they are outside, having fun. And that’s what grilling is all about, by and by. It’s just that charcoal cooked food tastes better. And there is poetry in the coals. Amen.

      July 9, 2016 at 9:57 am

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