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Custom Bachelor BBQ: Rocking the Gabby Grill

FullSizeRender (21)We had occasion this weekend past to grill for the masses at the bachelor party of a good friend. It was your vintage summer day, as days go. And your classic BBQ party.  With a sizzling sun suspended in a bluebird sky, casting golden shafts of light that which fluttered through the thick, green, deciduous canopies of oak and maple and birch. The lawn was freshly cut too, of which I for some reason admired the aroma. My fellow patron’s google music account provided endless streams of proper country and rock for to adorn the acoustic backdrop. Tho one musically misguided brethren in the group kept wanting to listen to once-upon-a-time boy bands, to which we had to snatch the phone from his meaty hand, and tell him to think about his life. Some blokes are just like that for some reason. Always a stinker in the bunch.

What a lovely time of it tho, this day was. You see, when friends beckon a patron to cater for them, they don’t have to twist our tongs much.  We love this sort of thing. And for a bachelor party, it is sort of our privilege to escort the groom-to-be on his way to holy matrimony with a gut full of perfectly executed meat!  And so it was, the evening slants of light caught the pale tendrils of gently rising oak smoke from the bosom of the Gabby’s Grill. A great little addition for ye Weber owners out there. For those who aspire to a scaled down version of the Santa Maria style of BBQ, to which we are swiftly becoming a devoted fan. Oh how I do fancy manly meat cooking machinery!  When you get a chance, go check out their website here. Junior, the man in charge over there, is a good dude and will take care of you fast. His customer service is off the charts. And as you can see, he’s a gifted fabricator too.


We had this beast loaded up too, with dueling tri tip roasts, and enough chicken thighs to choke a wildebeest. You will note the baked potatoes also, tucked down into the fiery depths of the grill. This is how you do it Gabby Grill style people! Load it up! Oh yes, good times indeed. But bachelor party food does not stop with mere meat and potatoes…


For to please the lady folks who may be reading this, we also grilled up some vegetables. Yes mam we did! We was GOOD patrons! On the auxiliary grill, we got sliced zucchini here, along with onions liberally dusted with a pit staple – Miners Mix Steak and Veggie Seasoning.  Can you smell it? Of course you can’t, you’re just reading pixels through a dirty glass screen  But trust us. If ever you wanted to smell a man’s pits before, this would be the proper occasion!

Here is one of our affiliate links where you can pick up some of that seasoning. Goes good on just about everything. Especially vegetables!  Get a bottle of this and just leave it on the table as your new pepper.

Original Steak and Veggie Seasoning Rub. Great on Everything and Your New Pepper by the Stove Single Jar


Back to the meat! Mama Mia! The thighs were seasoned with Miners Mix Poultry Perfection which never fails. And the beef, well, it’s a top secret blend that we might get to tell you about some day. Here is where you can pick up some of that Poultry Perfection tho! It’s another affiliate link that we get a wee kick back from. So if you’re looking for a way to be nice to us and help us better afford baby diapers, links like this one below help a little! Thank you kindly in advance if you do! If not, thank you anyways for just being here. You guys surely class up the place regardless.


Poultry Perfection Gourmet Seasoning Rub for Oven Roasted, Smoked or Grilled Turkey, Goose, Duck, Chicken, and Game. All Natural, No Msg, Low Sodium, No Preservatives.


After about an hour or so, the tri tips were done, and whilst they rested in a foil tent, we tossed on the cobs! If you haven’t grilled your corn in this manner before, we do believe you’re missing something out of your life. And of course, the Gabby Grill took it like a boss! We’re telling you, you gotta pick up one of these rigs for your Weber! We’re not sponsored by them in any way, we just think it’s a great idea long over due!


Lets not forget a massive black iron pan full of sauteed mushrooms and onions, again seasoned up with Miners Mix Steak and Veggie. Oh yes, we pulled out all the stops for the man in the fading twilight of his bachelorhood. It was a good time of fellowship and food under fair and lovely skies. We wish you well in your marriage my friend. And now you even know what to cook for her! Amen.

Check out these 2 great companies for your next BBQ

Gabbys Grills

Miners Mix


Santa Maria Style Tri Tip grilled over an open oak fire. This is high living folks! And all patron to the pit.

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8 responses

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  2. You are definitely having fun. That gabbys grill looks great. lately I have been throwing a few shrimp in the veggies but the checkbook says don’t do that for awhile (my wife pointing at the checkbook and a small cardboard box labeled “pick your own mushrooms” with a black marker helped as well. Thanks

    August 4, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    • Thanks Gary. Good to hear from you. Yeah, we have no shortage of fun around here. It’s a fun rig to cook on and might use it again this weekend.

      I’m one better off not picking my own mushrooms me thinks. Never could identify those things. Wish I could tho.

      Have a good weekend , Gary!

      August 4, 2017 at 9:14 pm

  3. I think it would be tough to choke a wildebeest with chicken as they are herbivores. Aside from that, a wonderful feast. It’s deeply satisfying to grill for a good cause, ain’t it? Me thinks I must look into the Miner’s Mix rubs that you speak so highly of. I have always enjoyed making my own, but your descriptions are tempting. I’ll be doing some tri-tip strips tonight, with a peppercorn rub to flavor them. Cheers!

    August 6, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    • Wildebeests are herbivores! The heck you say. No matter, I liked how that line sounded coming off the tongue, so I think I’ll keep it.

      You must be back from your epic road trip. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. And now Tri Tip meat to wind up the weekend. Nice. Good times for the Bakers.

      Yeah I’ve made lots of rubs. And bought lots of rubs. Some people just know how to make them better than other people. Them Miners Mix dudes are some of those people. Just good at what they do. Met them through this blog and we’ve gotten along ever since.


      August 6, 2017 at 6:32 pm

  4. What a great way to celebrate a gentleman to the alter of marriage! All the best, buddy of Potp!

    August 7, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    • Thanks Auntiedoni. He would tell you “aloha”, but he doesn’t speak Hawaiian as I do!

      August 7, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      • HA!! … and “mahalo” or thank you 😀

        August 7, 2017 at 6:58 pm

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