Two Men, Two Pits and a Blog


Sandwiches. We keepers of the pit like our sandwiches too. And there is no reason not to do them on the grill. In point of fact, you only raise the bar if you do, towards sandwich immortality.  Here are but a few great ones in which to wrap your hands around, and show thus to your belly. Amen.

Three Hour Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Biscuits & Gravy Sandwiches      20130715_174947_edit0

Sloppy Joes On the Grill

Country Style Rib Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese on the Grill!

Hickory Smoked Rib Sandwiches

Chopped Brisket Sandwiches

BLT’s on the Grill

Beef Po Boys on the Grill

Philly Cheese Steak (POTP Style)

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